Why write ?? 

This is the post excerpt.

Writing i have come to understand that it has to be a part of life .

Many things come in and out of our minds ,some are memories and some are things that happen each and every present day of our life. I realised that ;there is a need to write them down so we do not forget !


Thanks to God Almighty . and Also my friend Jasmine and Dr Lawson who inspired me. Am grateful.

Say No! And endure for the better!

Saying no is very difficult to some decision’s that we make .

No, one and I repeat No one wants to say no when it comes to ,putting a stop to what they do that make them okay! People go all length doing a lot of unnecessary things that are not worth it for them to even do . Sometimes what you are doing, you know very well ,that is against the will of God per the Bible and not part of what Our God wants from us.

It rather unfortunate that we as Christians do them without thinking of the consequences. God has said to forgive us when we sin against him ,but till then what are we doing ?

Most of the youth today keep messing up just because we know

Our God is a merciful,loving,kind,and a God who wouldn’t do us any harm if we keep going against his will. But I have come to realise that the only thing to do as a Christian youth is to endure for the word says in James:3-4 that; “for you know that when your faith succeeds in facing such trials,the result is the ability to endure. Make sure that your endurance carries you all the way without falling,so that you may be perfect and complete ,lacking nothing” this the word of God for us .

In our normal life as well; endurance is being patience and you make it without doubt.

Let us change the way we think ,what we say and our actions should be of the good altitude and follow our moral principles.

“for you know that when your faith succeeds in facing such trials,the result is the ability to endure. Make sure that your endurance carries you all the way without falling,so that you may be perfect and complete ,lacking nothing” this the word of God for us .

Let us change the way we think ,what we say and our actions should be of the good altitude and follow our moral principles.
Stay blessed!😇😇😇.

Innocence is better than a bad Name..


Many things come to mind when we talk about innocence.

To be innocent can mean a whole lot of things. Words to describe innocence may include; Chastity; Purity; Virginity; Cleanliness; Truthfulness; Trustworthy and many other things that we can decide to add to this. You must know that, living a holy life is also about being innocent. Let define Innocent; is the lack of guilt, with respect to any kind of crime, or wrongdoing in legal context, it is lack of experience.
I would also say to be innocent is to be unique in everything you do. You must stand out in all you do.

Innocent is freeing your mind on all things and aspects that forms part of you. If you try your possible best to be innocent; then trust me you will never get into trouble and will always be on the safer side of life.

All that am trying to put across is that, to fit into every area of life that you desire is be innocent every way possible.

You know if you are always in trouble and people keep talking about you, to make them stop just try your best to stay positive and make everything right; legal and nonlegal. Nobody wish to work with a fraudster or a thief but remember that ; to clear all doubt about you among your friends ; family; works places; school and anywhere at all ; all that you can do, and it will cost you nothing; is to prove yourself as innocent as possible.

The word of God proved that ; “we should consecrate ourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among us” this made me understand that to meet a successful tomorrow we need to be innocent in all ways so that any good thing that will come our way will be better for us .

The Hate You Give.

Have you ever felt confused about yourself?

Did you ever think you could never do anything on your own?

Sometimes you feel so sad that you think nothing good can come out of you!

Relax; the life we live is about people and the things surrounding us. Many people in this life as a journey are not true to themselves. So many things in our life make us have issues with the way we live. Let talk about relationship, family, friends, school and others. These are some of things that bothers us and makes us think so hard that we forget that we did not bring ourselves to earth. Do not worry so much about the things around you. One thing that I have seen and noticed is that; nobody cares about you? ONLY GOD DOES!
You will wonder why this statement! But that reality.

Know that, the moment you start feeling down of yourself, then you have to just sit back and relax… I used to feel the same way; but what made me have relief and not feel sad, bad, confused , worried, terrible and worst of myself is that, I realized all I needed was a good mindset and also, I learned that nothing can make you happy unless you decide on your mindset and tune it to be happy.

Sometimes you wonder what makes you laugh, you see; when you hear something funny, before you laugh; what you hear goes to the mind and into the heart then you asses to know is funny and then you start laughing. .. This draft statement is to make you know that, anytime you are feeling negative about yourself you have to check your environment.
Finally; to be relived depends on you!


No One has the Time to make you happy But you will be happy when you decide to be. Refuse to be burdened with unnecessary things stay focused as Christ Jesus came to die for us. Know that if Jesus had listened to people in His time we would lost our Salvation. And remember that God didn’t give up on you, and from ages past till now to the unforeseen future He will never Give up on you.

We say what we say because of who we follow….

Words are very important is our daily lives ….

Everything we do and say is about words … My Bishop in church once made it clear that, the words that comes out of our mouth is who we are ..

Our character is based on our own tongue and the kind of things we say with it, can make or unmake us in this life that we living …

Prov 4:23 says ‘ Keep your heart with all diligent, for out of your heart are the issues of Life’ … What we conclude in our heart comes out as words that we speaks.

Programme yourself with the Word of God alone and that can help you speak the right words at the right time and that will make us succeed is this Life….

Once Upon A Time in Life.

Many years had gone by with lot of things happening ! So many things that one can ever think of.

Some were joyful , some were worrying , some were devastating and some full of heartbreak , but you must not forget that all comes with lessons that need to be learnt .

Life has created it own opportunity for us aside what we decide to become in life itself. Is amazing what our plans are for life , that we wish to be living, and the ones we have lived .

That part of life where your imagination take you away and you think everything is perfect and you lack nothing at all; but reality meets you some way some how and you like “seriously is this really happening?! ” there and then you know there is nothing left but you have to just think like is all a cartoon series. (haha!.. ).

What I have known ,is that the more comfortable you get with anything you want , there more challenging it gets , you start to yearn you always achieve more in Life .

No Body ,Ever Gets Satisfied with Anything. ..!!

The Mask Anyone can Wear…. !!!

A little research got me thinking about the “mask”?

Is amazing, how humans behave, react to issues,accept defeat, jubilate, and act as who they really are, as and when you find them or where they find themselves .

There a lot of people in the world with different ideas,on how they understand things that come their way . The world is a big place with lot and different kinds of people; to talk of skin colour, eyes, hair colour from birth and the language they speak.

The Mask; is about how people learn from across the world different languages, culture types, tradition and how people live and what they enjoy doing the most . Wearing a mask to my description , is being able to act or do things differently from how you will do things if it was you. Yeah!

Depending on every situation ,demands a new mask to be won to fit in . But remember not every mask is appropriate to wear ?

Note , some of the mask we wear that I will say is unique may include, learning a new language and learning to adapt to the things done where you find yourself, or probably a new location or country you have come to stay for a while .

Again, the mask is appropriate to be used , but must not be abused. Character is one of a kind ,this is to say that ,there is no new mask that can fit a human character ,no matter what kind of mask you wear , and how relevant that mask is to your personality ; character will sell you out ,if the MASK is not well positioned.

The mask you wear matters in every situation and in everyday of your life , is like the second you ..René.

Be decisive what mask you wear.


Hmm! Someone would ask ,why that title sorry though ,but something got me understanding that word.

Haha! Wow! Can there be anyone who does not really care whatsoever that he or she might be called by people. Hey! People get all kinds of names for reasons one can not even think of.

A movie I watched about some girls named Brats; by their own mate,who seem to be full of her self. They wanted a name for their song and all they could think of was BRAT. So they mentioned Bratitude!!

And that word to me sounds like a character. You see, sometimes in life you do not have to portray the perfect you, all the time; it gets boring. Accept who you really are and trust me, you’ll do just fine. Live the life you deserve but remember to trace your steps for amendments. Life has it’s own chances, take it as it comes.

To what really I have realized, what you want to be can sometimes be influenced by people so , do not let the negative aspect get you but focus on the positive sides of everything.

Trust God to help you become what he has purposed for you to become. Trust in the Lord for he is the hope of Glory.