Why write ?? 

This is the post excerpt.


Writting i have come to understand that it has to be a part of life .

Many things come in and out of our minds ,some are memories and some are things that happen each and every present day of our life. I realised that ;there is a need to write them down so we do not forget ! post

Thanks to God Almighty . and Also my friend Jasmine and Dr Lawson who inspired me. Am grateful.

“The sad moments of life that brings hope.”

Then one morning as I woke up just to realise my father was no more; what would I do ? I thought to myself as I cried .

All hope was lost ,who to turn to ;who to call ;who would respond to me if I needed anything! Oh! Oh! How sad I was . But, then after a few months I realized that there is a God who is father of all nations and therefore a father to many in the world just like me .

One thing I have come to know , is that, anytime you make God Almighty the lead in everything you do, everything you plan to do, and even before you take a step in anything ; He makes it beautiful and and when you rely on Him totally , He will never let you down that is if only you be patient with His works then your are sorted out .

Psalms 34:19 makes us understand that “many are the hardships of the righteous ,but Jehovah rescues him from all of them “ .After this, I had greater hope that even if He was no more I will never lack anything in life .

If God has said in his word to take care of you ,then why do you worry. My word to you, no matter what your sad moments are ,never give up, for remember there’s hope in God Almighty to provide all your needs as you desire .


Know! And Know right!

Knowing and not knowing!!!!

What do you want to know?

What do you wish to know?

What did you ever think of knowing?

We all, always want to know!

Is good to know something, is good to find out, is good when you are current and you know what is trending.

Life has thought me something that I didn’t know, but I know am yet to discover more about what is ahead of me that I need to know.

The Bible, has things we know already, and things we do not know, people use it to what they know and have read and to their understanding, that why I believe there is confusion almost all the time among believers and and others.

All I want to say in search of knowing ,is praying and fasting to God Almighty for wisdom of the word we read ,knowledge for thinking deeper and being able to put what we read into action, and understanding so that we can apply in our daily lives….

  • Glory to God!
  • Hallelujah to Yahweh!
  • Praise be to Jehovah! .

The reality !!😉 I have come to know .

Hello oo!!! Is been a while I posted,

as I have been away ,have learned a lot of things that makes life go on the moment you decide to stop doing something and do the other .

You see ,life in itself is a world on its where it evolves and where ever you get to at any point in time you have something new meeting you one way or the other.
This have made me understand that humanity also is a world on its own, what we do might not be what we really want to be doing but as time goes by we keep doing them as it meets us. There is a reason for everything we do ,and the moment you think of something to do you get a way out 😊 ,sometimes life becomes difficult, and sometimes its easy .
People who are successful many a time when advising ,always talk about planning what one really want to be ,time management, hardworking just mention them ; which is but remember all this is a result of one’s determination to be successful.
I am Christian and the word of God makes me understand that what ever you do you must pray to Yahweh about, and he will bless your hand work. (Psalm 90:17.).

One last one “knowing it all is about knowing Christ Jesus”.🌹🌷

The point where we all expecting to read from the other!! ….

A quote I read once stated that ;”not getting a message also means a message ” this is true tho , it sometimes gets to a point when you receive no text ; phone call ; was up message and even with that all you receive is group messages, which a group of people are chatting for which you might not even be involved to share a view .

Yet the saddest is you read their chat later and you start laughing ?🌝 okay I understand that is not sad but comforting because you get to read a message to be happy any way.
Life has thought me that when you don’t make a step to do something then you will never do something so if you decide to be lonely is when you become lonely!?

To start a conversation is a simple Hello !and a Hi ! …. I learned that was key to creating a chat with someone . Many a times it gets to the point that everybody is expecting a friend to say Hi ! to him or her therefore before you come to a point of understanding we realise that no one in the end gets a message from the other !.
You can start a conversation !! So don’t wait for someone to start first before you reply ! SILENCE kills friendship I have realized!!!…….

Secrets a burden to man!!

Secrets ! Secrets!
The things we do in secret are sometimes worth it . Many things are worrying us in this life we are living; I wonder why it is so? The things in our hearts that we keep to ourselves sometimes becomes a torment to us ,living us with sleepless nights and day dreams that are not necessarily supposed to happen . It is sad to keep secrets that you can’t share with someone ; but that why you have to develop a habit of speaking to your maker(Yahweh) .
He is Lord of all; He only listens to every thought of our inner and outer being .
I use inner being because we do not talk without thinking of what to say ,or even that ,no one says anything without thinking of the implications that may happen. ☺
Do not let your troubles become your weakness!
Speak out instead of speaking up!!.

 ; there is something to tell to be free from yourself .
Note that; the only one person to speak to and share your secret with is God Almighty who created heaven and earth.

In spite of all is love we looking for!! 🌹

Many things cross our mind when the word is mentioned! The word that ,some hear and are angry ,some hear and the feel at peace like is well,others hear and for real they are like? Does that word exist even?! 

Hmmmm! Is really something you know . People really have different meanings to the word ( LOVE). Why do some believe in it ,and others make fun of it ? I do not even know why is so 🎆 it is understandable ; since every individual has their own issues to why they say so about Love.🌷

Do not forget that even in the Bible we read that; Love Is the Greatest of all that man can ever want

Do not forget that , without love in your heart ; then, there is something missing with you . Love is good for all  , even when you are not of yourself is love that makes you okay !! 

And remember every bit of life as we are living on earth , is as a result of the Love shared on our behalf ,by God  Almighty through his son Jesus Christ. 

The Past !! 

Looking back is like not wanting to go forward ,but know that only when you forget the past is when you move forward!

Our past is always past ! We only go back to it if it was a good one , but even with that ; we make it better next time.

Good things ,sometimes are hard to forget.? Nobody, forgets what made them feel good ,and the kind of memories that went on . 

I like the way you thinking!😊😊 but know that good things are good; and sometimes even better. 

Rene Adu.